Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 16, 2015

Friends of Vance White

vance white memorial, deceased, obituary

At the last Fire Department Barbecue, Vance sat down at my booth and we had a nice visit.  He sure loved coming up to the mountain and enjoying his view at “White’s Wee Hoose in the Sky” out on Birch Hill.

Click for a vintage postcard Vance sent our way a few years ago.

65 years old, Vance was born March 2, 1949. He passed away January 18, 2015 in Kaiser Hospital, Riverside, California, due to ARDS: Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome from complications from a knee replacement surgery.

A celebration of life is currently being planned by Vance’s sister, Pat White, to be held March 1st. For more information please email Pat: whitepjw01 at aol dot com

Vance requested that no flowers be given but instead a donation to an organization with which he volunteered.  If you desire,  CASA, Center Against Sexual Abuse has a link on their website for donations.  You may state in memory of Vance White.  Website:

Palomar Mountain Tributes and Obituaries

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