Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 17, 2015

Sample letter makes it easy for you!

Thanks to Ernie for providing his letter and link for the naming of the Joel Mendenhall Memorial Highway.

From: Ernie Cowan

Subject: Joel Mendenhall Highway

Let’s make this as easy as possible to show support to have a portion of Highway 76 named the Joel Mendenhall Memorial Highway.  See also Letters for Highway support.

Below is a sample letter that people can just copy if they want, or add their own personal comments and put their name and address at the bottom instead of mine and then email to

Here is my sample letter:

The Honorable Marie Waldron

California State Assembly

State Capitol, Room 4130

Sacramento, CA 95814

Via e-mail

RE: ACR 4 – Joel Mendenhall Memorial Highway *Support

Dear Assembly member Waldron,

There are people you meet in life who make a difference because of the kind of people they are. When they are tragically taken from us, the void is even greater and the need to recognize this person is overwhelming. This is the case with the life and death of Joel Mendenhall.

Mr. Mendenhall embodied the true spirit of a California rancher through his work to raise wholesome and safe food for his local community. His strong work ethic, desire to always do what is right and his commitment to provide the highest level of care to his animals and the land stands as an excellent example for us all.

Mr. Mendenhall was a successful California rancher and owner of Homegrown Cattle Company in Palomar, California raising natural beef for cattle marketed to supermarkets throughout San Diego County and Southern California. His heritage was cattle.  He is part of the pioneer Mendenhall family that homesteaded Palomar Mountain, and he continue the tradition of his rich family history.

More than that, he was one of the finest men I have ever known. Always there to help, without being asked, a friend to all, and an example of how to live life in a way that most positively affected other people.

Mr. Mendenhall is survived by his parents, wife and three beautiful daughters who continue to operate Homegrown Cattle Company today. Mr. Mendenhall comes from a long lineage of California ranchers who originally homesteaded the area around Palomar in the 1800’s. Mr. Mendenhall will live on through his family, the work of Homegrown Cattle Company and all the lives he touched along the way.

I support your efforts to name portions of Highway 76 as the Joel Mendenhall Memorial Highway and urge the Legislature to enthusiastically support ACR 4.

Best regards



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