Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 21, 2015

Do you have a Trust? Need an Attorney?

kit   kit n paula

Often I work with people who do not have their properties in a Trust.  A Trust can be a wise thing to set up.  Kit and Paula are weekenders on Palomar.  They are also attorneys.  I asked them to send their contact info our way. You might connect with them to get your questions answered.  Sunny or Snowy weather, they are here to serve you.

From: Paula J. Goforth  Family Law – Mediation – Estate Planning

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our Estate Planning Services.

The Law Offices of Goforth & Nelson is available to serve San Diego County residents with regards to Estate Planning, Family Law and Mediation.   Estate Planning services include preparation of Wills, Living Trusts, and Healthcare Powers of Attorney.

Family Law services include Prenuptial Agreements, Post Marital Agreements, divorces, custody, visitation, and paternity. We also provide Mediation Services for post marital agreements, custody, divorce or other lawsuits.  We may also be able to assist you with Real Estate transactions and lawsuits.

Click to visit our Website where you’ll find our contact info.   We are happy to meet with Palomar Mountain folks on the mountain!

Also, you are invited to e-mail us to receive our monthly newsletters full of important information regarding services you may not know that you need!


Kit and Paula

Paula J. Goforth, CFLS

Kit Nelson, Esq.

Attorneys at Law

Law Office of Goforth & Nelson

5755 Oberlin Drive, Suite 301

San Diego, CA 92121


  1. …that’s good to know just in case, huh. Thanks,Ray and Sunny Unseitig

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