Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 26, 2015

Prop. 13 – can you call Monday morning?

From: Robert Gonsett Subject: Attack on Proposition 13 Coming Monday

Last week I called all phone numbers on the following list to express “strong opposition to ACA-4.”  The receptionists knew what I was talking about.  Then they usually asked for my name and city and that was it — quick and simple.

This is an important item.  If you call, do so Monday morning early.  The item comes to a vote at 1:30 PM Monday.  Whether you rent or own property in California, this item — if successful — will have a negative impact on all of us.


Proposition 13 Attack Coming in Assembly Transportation Committee on Monday
ACTION ALERT: Proposition 13 Attack Coming in Assembly Transportation Committee on Monday

ACA 4 lowers the vote threshold to 55% to pass new special taxes specifically for transportation projects. Special taxes are a very broad category and could include anything from sales taxes to parcel taxes directly on your property that only you pay!

The result could be billions of dollars of tax increases across California. We’ve already seen how lowering the threshold for school facility bonds to 55% has led to billions of new property taxes for homeowners. The same could occur with ACA 4.

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4 is up for a hearing in Room 4202 in the State Capitol on Monday, April 27 at 1:30.

Please call members of the Assembly Transportation Committee who are listed below. If you only have time to make one call, we encourage you to call Assemblyman Frazier. Not only is he the author of this bill, he is also the Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee.

Please tell legislators to vote NO on ACA 4!

Jim Frazier (Chair)
Democrat, District 11
(916) 319-2011

Katcho Achadjian (Vice Chair)
Republican, District 35
(916) 319-2035

Catharine B. Baker
Republican, District 16
(916) 319-2016

Richard Bloom
Democrat, District 50
(916) 319-2050

Nora Campos
Democrat, District 27
(916) 319-2027

Kansen Chu
Democrat, District 25
(916) 319-2025

Tom Daly
Democrat, District 69
(916) 319-2069

Bill Dodd
Democrat, District 4
(916) 319-2004

Eduardo Garcia
Democrat, District 56
(916) 319-2056

Jimmy Gomez
Democrat, District 51
(916) 319-2051

Young O. Kim
Republican, District 65
(916) 319-2065

Eric Linder
Republican, District 60
(916) 319-2060

Jose Medina
Democrat, District 61
(916) 319-2061

Melissa A. Melendez
Republican, District 67

Adrin Nazarian
Democrat, District 46
(916) 319-2046

Patrick O’Donnell
Democrat, District 70
(916) 319-2070


  1. Bless you Bonnie Phelps!


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