Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 8, 2015

Joe and 100 Mile Team with Badwater Race Links

100 mile club, joe nacamura palomar mountain

Congratulations to Joe Nacamura and his 100 Mile Team, took Second Place overall, in the Badwater Race last Sunday:

Results and Time Splits are here:

and elapse time splits:

(Minutes Per Mile for Each Team for Each Time Station Leg)

Also, over 500 more images since the race, as you can see on the race webcast:

You can also go straight to the two Flickr accounts to see the images directly:

and down the road, I hope to see you at the Badwater 135 on July 28-30 this summer, in any capacity.

I would also loooove to see you at Badwater Presents Mustang Trail Race in Nepal this October 17-31. The Mustang region where our eight-day stage race will take place was not affected by the recent earthquake. However, the people of Nepal could use the positive economic impact of our race and racers, and the positive PR that “Nepal is still open for business” is an important message we will help spread. Info:

Yours in sport, Chris Kostman

Chief Adventure Officer and Race Director AdventureCORPS, Inc.

638 Lindero Canyon Rd #311 Oak Park, CA 91377 USA


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Hearty congratulations to Joe and his team! Dilip and I were at the 5 MM on East Grade Road Sunday night chalking encouraging messages on the pavement and cheering on the first two teams to come by our position before we had to go home. The first team had 3 runners and came by at about 8:35 pm. The support crew said they thought they would be breaking the record. The second team had 2 runners and came by at about 9:25 pm. I guess one of this team must have been Joe, and he must have really hauled up the East Grade to make up so much time that he finished only a bit more than a minute behind the first place team! Oh, wait. They probably don’t all start at the same time, do they. Duh! But all the same, that Badwater bunch is awesome!

    We sure had fun, and look forward to the next event we can cheer for on the mountain!

    Many thanks for letting us all know about it,

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