Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 14, 2015

Tiny Cabin Conference

tiny house palomar mountain

So many people these days have expressed an interest in having a ‘wee little house”.  Tiny weekend getaways or guest cottages can  be oh-so-cute.  A two-day workshop is coming to San Diego that I thought some of you might enjoy checking out: Dream Big Live Tiny  There is a discount when you order your tickets prior to month-end.

You’re welcome!  😉


  1. Hi Bonnie, thanks for sending the info in Tiny homes! I think they’re called Yorks (so?)or something like that!

    Bonnie, next week my good friend Paul is coming to visit me For my birthday & we will be coming up to Palomar & maybe do some hiking depending on the weather. Paul is a retired LA City Fireman & he’s also a Contractor! We may just come up for the day however we wanted to see if there is any place available if we decide we want to stay over? Also is there another place to eat on the mountain besides Mother’s Kitchen?

    It would be nice to see you & Dan & your horses too! We will hopefully be coming up next Wed May 20th!

    Thanks so much!❤️ Sonja Sent from my iPhone


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