Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 15, 2015

June Snow Story


We just had to drive around a bit during this beautiful storm and then stop for lunch at Mother’s.  Ohmygoodness, huge snow flakes were coming down.  It stuck for a few minutes but melted as it turned to a gentle rain.  Thanks to Wil Parent for sending his noon time Birch Hill view our way.

Jim Mendenhall came in the restaurant as we were finishing up today.  He said in 1975 he was sitting in our house with the owners at that time, Andy and Nel Ridge. It was mid to late June, as school had let out.  It really started snowing.  About six inches of snow accumulated pretty fast.  The road crew was out plowing but within about two hours, it had all melted as the ground was so warm.

Maybe we’ll get a nice snow in June, too!

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