Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 15, 2015

Smoke OK on Crestline this Sunday

From: Rick Over  Subject: Burn permit heads up

Just wanted to pass along to the community, that I have a burn permit signed off by the FS.  It will begin on May 17 (this Sunday) and extend to May 31. Conditions permitting, I plan to do a control burn on my cabin property (21850 Crestline, at Road Marker 6) this Sunday.  Looks like it will be a good weather window.  Of course I have to clear it through the FS on the morning of the burn. Please pass this info along on the Mountain News.  I don’t want to alarm anyone when they see and/or smell the smoke.  As I did before, all safety precautions will be taken.  Just FYI, allowed burn times are 0800-1500.


Rick Over


  1. Rick,
    What is the correct procedure for getting permission to burn? I have some land over by Crestline that I’m clearing of a lot of fallen tree debris, and would like to start burning some in small amounts.

    • For your burn permit, please call Tim Gray 619 209-1414. He’ll get you all set up. Thanks for the nudge. I’ll turn this info around to all!

      • Thank you!

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