Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 21, 2015

Apple King Of Palomar Biography now Available!

clark cleaver palomar mountain

Peter has done it again!

Untold hours of research and work was done by former cabin owner, Peter Brueggeman.  Peter has produced another wonderful read, free of charge, telling of history of our favorite mountain.  His most recent is a biography of Clark Cleaver, one of Palomar’s pioneers.  He planted many acres of apples out here on State Park Road.  We were told, when we first purchased our place, that Clark Cleaver planted the apple trees. We’re still enjoying those apples 100 years later.

Peter’s research turned up some delightful new photos along with a glimpse at this kind man’s life.

From: Peter Brueggeman []

I’ve completed a biography of Clark Cleaver, the ‘apple king of Palomar Mountain’ which is available on my Palomar Mountain History website, in the topmost Books section, at  (seventh story down the page)

Cleaver tended his apple orchards along State Park Road at the bends there, owned land elsewhere on Palomar Mountain along with his younger brother, and had a considerable history before moving onto Palomar Mountain in his latter years. Robert Asher says that Clark Cleaver didn’t say much about himself, and so it took extensive research in a variety of resources to put together the thread of his life.

The photo is of Clark Cleaver of which I’m fond… it is scanned from a Robert Asher glass plate negative. I came onto a few of his glass plate negatives when Asher’s family gave me Robert Asher’s remaining files/papers. I’m pleased the Clark Cleaver biography held your interest. Researching and writing it opened up interesting and surprising historical paths for me, e.g. California Indian wars, the California gold rush, early Nevada homesteading. Researching Clark Cleaver led me into the history of Palomar Mtn roads and road building …. sorting out the status of the various roads over time. The commonly used road up/down Palomar Mtn changed over time. In reading back, it was frequently not referred by specific name, so it can be a puzzle to figure out which road was involved when.


……. Peter Brueggeman La Jolla, California USA peterbman(at)

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