Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 22, 2015

Cabin Fever Cake!

 Morning Mist on Palomar Mountain

Interesting request a few weeks ago from a guest booking Cabin Fever.  They asked if this vacation rental had an iron and ironing board!  That hadn’t come up before, but those two items are now our latest additions to this cute little cabin.  These folks explained they were to attend a wedding this weekend.  They just didn’t count on needing mittens and warm scarves (also stocked at the cabin).  When their note arrived this morning, I smiled, and just had to share:

<<< From: Cabin Fever Guests

We arrived in good shape yesterday and couldn’t be happier with Cabin Fever.  Although we haven’t had to break out the sun screen quite yet, we expect the weather will improve while we are here.  We will be attending a wedding being held tomorrow at the Upper Meadow Lodge.  We really feel lucky to have found accommodations so close to the wedding venue.

We took a little drive this AM and found several of the places shown on your map.  We are going to purchase some firewood from the Store when it opens at 11.  A cozy fire will put the icing on the Cabin Fever cake.

We appreciate the assistance you provided prior to our arrival.  Things couldn’t have gone any smoother.  Thanks >>>

When you need extra room for guests, like a few days away, or know someone attending a wedding on a sunny, rainy, or snowy weekend, we’ve got you covered.  Simply check out our Rentals link.

There are some fun options waiting for you up here in the clouds after some delightful May rain.

Do you have a rental you’d like added? Just let me know.  It is a free service.

Bonnie Phelps

76O 742 one 742

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