Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 26, 2015

New Neighbors Daniel and Jandery

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Memorial Day is the perfect day to introduce new neighbors, Daniel and Jandery Baik. They invited me to pop by and I caught them out raking their property after our May storms. When I asked why they just had to have a home on Palomar, they pointed to a turn-out, down on the South Grade and it became quite an interesting story.

Daniel is one of America’s finest, a Captain the Marine Corps.  He and Jandery met in the gym one day, in Texas, during flight school.  They married in 2012 and Jandery has worked as a psychologist. Daniel’s first deployment was a Tomcat Tour.  He flew combat operations for six months in Afghanistan.

His first view of Palomar was from far up above.  He was in the cockpit, flying a Harrier Jump Jet over the Mountain.  Looking down, he noticed the Observatories and was intrigued.  About six months later, he brought his wife up for the day.  On their way down, they pulled over at a turn-out on South Grade, Jandery was taking in the view, but Daniel noticed some homes up on the ridge. He commented how nice it would be to own a home with that view.

Leaving for his next deployment, he spent 5 months in Qutar. Daniel is now with the modern-day Blacksheep Squadron, located at Marine Corps Air Station, in Yuma. In World War II, this squadron was headed up by flying ace, Pappy Boyanton. Daniel explained that Pappy took on a band of mis-fits that other squadron leaders didn’t want and made history with those men.  Some of you might remember the Baa Baa Black Sheep TV show in the 1970’s, and book telling of their successes that helped win the war.  Pappy was later awarded both the Navy Cross and the Medal of Honor.  Daniel loves his career, flying the Harrier and looks forward to piloting other planes as well.

When he returned from deployment, he went online and started following real estate on Palomar.  When this home came on the market, he looked at the photos and thought it could be the one they saw from the lookout that day.  (It was!!!)  They kept meaning to come over from Yuma to see it, but just hadn’t set a time.

One day, the sellers called and asked me to take their home off the market for a month or so to do a re-fi.  I slipped it off my website and the phone rang in a few minutes.  It was Daniel.  “My house is not on your website anymore.  We have been looking at that home on line and really love it”.  I explained the situation, spoke to the sellers, and Daniel and his wife came the next day and just had to have it.  It has been about two and a half years now since that first peek of Palomar from the sky and now they own much of that same view!

Welcome Daniel and Jandery!  We’re so glad to have you keeping your eye on us on your fly-overs.  Thank you for your service to our country!

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  1. Daniel and Jandery, congrats on your new home. Welcome to the neighborhood. Hope we will cross paths. Thanks for serving this wonderful country. Your service does not go unappreciated. Semper Fi.

    Lafe and Karalee

  2. Bon,

    What a great story and a fine job of reporting. You get a gold star!

    Bob (& Judy)



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