Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 10, 2015

Branding on Palomar Woods and more at Art Show

Artisan Fair Flyer Artisan Fair Picnic Lunch

From: Matthew and Vandy Bailey

Everyone is invited to this Artisan Fair in Fallbrook this weekend.  Just sending the info your way in case you guys want to come or share it.  The Art Fair is located at a huge botanical garden and nursery and with Spring in the air, some of you might want to buy plants.  This fair is unique because the artists have to be making their craft at their booth.  I will be making custom jewelry and Matt will be wood burning and branding into Palomar Woods.  They serve farm to table amazing cuisine.  Looking forward to meeting some of you friends of Palomar at our booth!

Please also visit our website, as we are always glad to connect on the Mountain.

Matthew & Vandy Bailey

Bailey Design & Creation 

bailey1888 (at) att (dot) net – 76O 688-8286


  1. Thank you for the promo!  Hope you can make it! Matt and Vandy

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