Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 18, 2015

What area on Palomar was called “The Saddle”?

Barb Waite is finishing up her second book of her grandmother’s journal, Elsie.  This one will be her Mountain Years on Palomar, with plans to have it available to pre-order in October.   

About 100 years ago, Elsie wrote:

“An Indian, Peter Grand, came back bringing teams and wagon last night. He and Jack each took two loads of apples to the saddle today, first time by sleds, then wagon.”

Barb is wondering if anyone knows the area on Palomar that was referred to in the good old days as “THE SADDLE”.

Please comment and maybe your input will be added to the next book!  Much appreciated!


  1. Hi Bonnie, The only saddle I have ever heard of on Palomar Mountain is the Crosley Saddle. It lies East of Agua Tibia and a ways

    West of Morgan Hill. I do not know of roads or trails of that time. It is pretty rough getting from Morgan Hill to Crosley Saddle. There was an early settler West of Morgan Hill in early days and there were early settlers in Devil’s Hole, which is North of Crosley Saddle. I hope this may help. Arlie…

  2. Perhaps Crosley Saddle on the north side of the mountain, a bit north west of Eagle Crag and above the old Crosley Homested. I should also point out that there is the old Crosley trail that comes up to the saddle from the north.

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