Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 29, 2015

Can you help Brooke?

Brooke Bickler Vintage Trailers  Brooke Bickler vintage trailer remodel  brooke bickler college fund project

At 19 years old, Brooke is a very ‘Happy Camper’ like it says on her tee shirt!  She just finished her first total remodel of a vintage travel trailer, named “Miss Penny” and has a lot to be proud of! She had so much fun doing this and would love to do more.  Her plan is to fix and sell these trailers to put herself through college.

Do you have an old trailer tucked away that has become not much more than a mouse house?  She would sure appreciate the donation to her college fund.  Dad and mom, Dave and Edie Bickler, have helped too, and are glad help Brooke air up or replace the tires and tow it off your property for their daughter’s next college project.

I had a heads-up call when they were on their way with this little gem, and was waiting with my camera when they pulled up to the Summit.  Three cheers for Brooke!  I’ve been watching her progress on Facebook and it was so fun to see the finished product.  So cute!!!

vintage travel trailer makeover  brooke bickler  brooke bickler vintage trailer remodel

She polished all the pennies, glued them down, then covered the counter top with resin.  Made the buttons for the tie-backs with pennies, too. She completely gutted the dilapidated 1969 Shasta. Then did all the wiring, plumbing, painting, fitting the wall board and installed new cabinets. She made the clock, pillows,and table, restored the old Coleman ice chest – it’s just as cute as can be.

The family is up for a few days and if you have a trailer that you’d like to donate to her cause, they would love to pick it up! Please leave a message for Brooke at 951  3O6-2176.  You are also welcome to comment below and I’ll get word to them on the mountain – or give me a call.   Bonnie 76O 742 one 742.


  1. Hi Bonnie. Are they selling this cute trailer and how much are they asking for it?

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    • This is her ‘baby’ and the one she plans to keep to stay in while she fixes the others up. More coming soon!

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