Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 7, 2015

Brooke’s Before Pix!

ob 1 ob2   ob 4

She’s really cleaning up the neighborhoods on Crestline!  Brooke’s first donation from Palomar, she named “Lemon Squeeze”.  This little trailer that has seen much better days has that yellow stripe, and they had to squeeze her through a couple cedar trees to get her out!  One day of elbow grease and Brooke had her latest project nice and clean and looking pretty cute for her make-over (Double-click on photos to enlarge):

lemon squeeze Thanks to David Drake for donating this little gem-in-hiding from behind Oliver Brown’s cabin.

Chesney 2 Also, many thanks to Tracy Chesney for donating her pop up that didn’t survive the surprise New Years snow.  Brooke and Family were thrilled to haul it off and discover the little stove and sink that can be re-purposed in Lemon Squeeze – then recycle the rest.

Two more donations are coming Brooke’s way when the owners return in the fall from vacation.  Meanwhile, do you know of a tired trailer needing love?  Brooke and Family weekend on the mountain but live in Marietta area so perhaps you know of something off the mountain too?!  All proceeds go to her college fund and are much appreciated!

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