Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 7, 2015

Masters Project Help Needed for Mtn Neighbor


We have another Bonnie on the Mountain!  Nick and Bonnie Spear purchased a home out on Birch Hill and are living full time on Palomar.  Bonnie is one of the smiling faces you see in the State Park these days.  Please see her request below for us to participate in her survey.  I just clicked through it and hope she has a great response from you subscribers.  Let’s all contribute our part to help her get an “A+”!

From: Bonnie Spear

I’m currently enrolled in a Masters Degree program. As part of one of my courses, I have to create and distribute a survey. I’ve created an online survey with the goal of determining what conservation issues are important to residents of Palomar Mountain, and I’m hoping I can piggyback on the knowledge of the residents of Palomar hoping lots of people participate.  Click for the Survey link.

Thanks to all and Happy Summer!

Bonnie Beckman Spear


  1. Thanks to everyone who has taken this survey so far! We’re up to 40 responses, and I’d appreciate if we can get up to 50 or more within the next week. Another student in my Master’s program is doing a survey on mountain lion encounters, and I know we have more than our fair share up here. If anyone would like to take her survey, here’s the link:

  2. Simple and straight forward. Hope we can help.

  3. Hi Bonnie: I am your neighbor on Birch Hill. I’ll be happy to meet you. Welcome! Paula Litchfield

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