Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 25, 2015

Fire Update Mtg Sunday Afternoon

60 inch

There has been NO SMOKE on Palomar that we could see from our place today but the fire is apparently still going on the north side of the mountain, way down below the Observatory.  This photo was taken from Canfield Road last night about 7 pm with the sun shining on the 60 inch Observatory.

It was so impressive to see the planes in the air, and all the crews responding to work the fire last night.  We heard plans circling over our house at midnight when we finally turned out the lights knowing we were in good hands.  Thanks to ALL!

The wind has pushed the smoke east so we don’t see it up here now.  However, it apparently is still going. Here is a post about a meeting tomorrow, open to everyonel:

From: Suzann M. Leininger

The Federal Incident Management team, that is managing the Cutca fire on the North side of Palomar, wants to have a community meeting tomorrow, Sunday afternoon.

It will be at the Palomar Mountain Fire Station at 3:30 pm.

So far, the containment line is holding.

Thanks, Suzann


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