Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 16, 2015

Apple Festival October 18th – Save the Date

palomar mountain apples apple

Sunday afternoon, October 18th is the Annual Apple Festival in the State Park!  Click for pix from last year’s fun.

We had a late frost with snow this year on May 8th!!!  As beautiful as it was, it knocked off the apple buds!  No buds = no apples on State Park Road!!!  I understand that some on the orchards at lower elevations, where it was just a bit warmer, have some apples.  The State Park and festival folks are working on getting apples for the event.  With the wonderful rain we just had and all that is promised this coming year, we’re hoping for a big crop of juicy apples for next year!

Thought you’d really appreciate seeing these wonderful pix from Barbara Anne Waite.  Her Aunt Mamie is showing off the huge ‘Palomar Giants’ on their farm where they had a hotel on what is now State Park Road.  Barb’s mom, Katie Roberts Beishline,  playing in the orchard with the family Palomar apple crop in about 1922. Both these photos will be in “Elsie’s Mountain” coming out next month. That will be Barb’s second book.  Stay tuned!

See also Elsie by Barbara Anne Waite.



  1. i WOULD LIKE TO GIVE THIS COVERAGE THROUGH THE (whoops caps on) club newsletter I write the events for but I need the following info ASAP:Time:  am- PM?What sort of music and if possible name of band/ people playing (this is a bluegrass & folk music club and I know last year some of our band members were there.) I have a deadline to get the copy to the editor. Celia 

  2. Aren’t they wonderful!!? Judi, you’ll love the books. You might also do a search on this website for ‘Elsie’ for more pix and history of this little mountain. When we finally get to meet, I’ll take you down the road to where their land was with a hotel that burned maybe in the 1930’s or so. The trees are still there! Just need to keep those blossoms on next year so we have more delicious apples!

  3. I love those old pictures Bonnie…

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