Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 29, 2015

Moon rises over trees with eclipse underway

mike's moon rise 2  Thanks to Mike Pique for his Moon Rise over the Mountain, with Eclipse Underway. You can see the trees at the bottom of the photo.  Pretty special shot, Mike!  Mike was out with other locals at the lookout on East Grade Road.

It was fun last night as I was returning from a late property showing to see folks out in several places across the mountain, meeting up with neighbors with cameras to take a look at the moon. Oh, the beautiful moon!

mike IMG_7516


  1. Evening Bonnie,
    After Robert received his interview for next Thurs. Today they canceled it saying they are waiting for more poeple to apply. We are so disappointed and saddened at this news. We know of three applying for the position.
    We feel three is enough. This is unusual. So something is up.
    We thankyou for your kind words and conversation. Robert will look elsewhere for a transfer… Paloma’s Mt was not in Gods plans… Blessing to you and yours. Judi and Ranger Peek.

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