Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 10, 2015

Elsie’s Mountain!

elsies mountain barbara anne waite

The long-awaited second book of Elsie’s beautiful look on life and her love of Palomar Mountain, has arrived.

Many of you have read Barbara Anne Waite’s book of the first set of her grandmother’s journals and letters. Elsie’s Adventures of an Arizona School Teacher tells of this young girl teaching in a one room school in Arizona. When the first book arrived, I had to finish that same night before I could put it down.

Now, Don is reading aloud to me, Elsie’s Mountain.  Oh, so wonderful to hear of the early days on Palomar in Elsie’s own words.

“Remembering vividly as a girl in 1904, I recognized that Palomar belonged to me from the moment I reached the top and the wagon stopped on the crest.  I ran thru the woods to the edge and saw the worlds spread below in unutterable beauty. If it is commendable for a citizen to claim a city proudly as his own, is it too outrageous that one should with passionate devotion claim a mountain?”

You’ll be able to pick up your copy at the Apple Festival next Sunday afternoon and here is a link to order on Amazon where your reviews are always welcomed!


  1. Could we get Don to read us that book also?
    We could make him a nice dinner.

  2. Yes, Bonnie, I’d love to purchse 2 copies of That book. Mary Camper-Titsingh (age 91 on Oct. 11th. I can’t believe it, but am hale and hearty)

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