Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 12, 2015

Please email or you’ll be talkin’ to a Cowboy!


About a month ago, my voice started vanishing.  Now the doctor says I am to not talk or even whisper, at all, for a couple more weeks.  (That will be a miracle!)

Since I am not sick, I am still working even harder than ever keeping up with my Real Estate with my iPad speaking for me (thanks Mike Pique for showing how to set that up!), or practicing my cursive with a pen and pad of paper.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you are welcome to call.  We listen to the message, then you’ll get a call back from a certain cowboy I live with.  He’ll will most likely suggest you email me or Facebook me, so he can get on with his ride and you can get your questions answered.

It’s been pretty fun showing property because I can click on notes in my iPad for that particular property and let Seri (or one of the other voices with delightful accents) do the talking!  The grandkids are lovin’ it too.

Hoping you’ll all be able to join in on the fun at the Apple Festival!  I’ll be there with a big smile, some wonderful apple goodies to share, and probably paper and pen that day.


bonnie at palomarproperties dot com


  1. And what is wrong with talking to a cowboy?

    Thanks,Robert N. Edmundson”Working To Your Satisfaction”HomeQuest Advantage PropertiesCA-BRE # 01268740951-763-1000 office951-880-0899 fax760-420-1310 cellRealtorRobert4U@Gmail.Com Estate & Equestrian Property SpecialistSFR & CDPEMOVOTO Agent

    Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 17:52:04 +0000 To:

  2. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Alana and I talk about you guys often, and were just saying that we’d like to invite you over to our humble cabin for dinner soon, if you’re available. …love you guys. May your healing be swift and comfortable, and the results exceed your expectations!



    • Looking forward to it! Just let us know when and we’ll be there, note pad or iPad ready to go!

  3. Bonnie, you are so cute!! A missing voice, what is up with that??!! You have made me laugh. Thanks for your Palomar newsletter, I love reading it! xo gail

    • Yesterday an appraiser was up. He told me that he appraised a place out on Nate Harrison Grade a few years ago. He was trying to tell me ‘which one it was’. Well, as you and I know, there is only one! I just let him go on telling me how to get there and where you turn in… LOL Funny that you would message me the same day I was lovin’ on you and your family in my mind, through my smile with that appraiser! 🙂

  4. Hi Bonnie.

    We have a small cabin on Crestline and need to do some brushing and clearing per our latest inspection.

    We have used a guy on the mountain in the past for this, including a bunch of mulching. Can’t remember his name. Lost his contact info. Big guy with a Cal trans orange dump truck (as I recall). Do you know who it might be? I would know the name if I heard it.




    • Well Ed, that would be Ron Bowan. His phone number is real easy. The last four digits are 2468 who do we appreciate! That is 76O 742 and then the 2468! Ron and his crew will take care of you!

  5. Thinking of you, Bonnie. Gosh, not even a whisper…that has got to be tough!

    Take good care, Darlene

  6. Bonnie, I surely hope your vacationing voice returns soon. You have important things to say and you’ll have to talk a lot to make up for lost time.

    Take care. Hi to your cowboy!

    Betty Birdsell

    • Thank you for being in my cheering section Betty! I’ll tell the cowboy ‘howdy’ for you next time between his calls! 😉

  7. Oh Bonnie, that must be hard. What a good attitude you have; praying your voice comes back strong. We miss seeing you guys but have spent most of our free time in the desert since buying a house down there.

    Love, Sheryl Arnold

    • Thanks Sheryl! Prayers appreciated! Desert sounds wonderful. I’ll private message you. We should meet up soon!

  8. Don’t go to Joan Rivers DR! Jimbo

    • Thaks Jimbo, I appreciate the tip! 🙂

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