Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 3, 2015

Ready for Winter?


Traditionally, we use Labor Day Weekend as a reminder to winterize.  It’s been so warm and I realize many of us have enjoyed this ‘summer’ weather.  However, I believe we are all looking forward to cooler temperatures and I finally put away my white sandals and jeans.  (After all, it is November!!!)

The weatherman is promising maybe a peek at a dusting of snow this week.  You won’t need chains yet, hopefully very soon!

So, double check the fill on your propane tank, make sure your firewood is ready, your pipes are winterized and you have a good supply of hot chocolate!


  1. It froze last night and cracked a plastic pipe when my heater in my pump house wasn’t turned on – dog forgot! Lost all my water in tank – Winter is here!

    • Oh no Robert!!! So sorry! You need to train that dog better!

  2. It drizzling and chilly up here tonite and we’re LOVIN’ it!

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