Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 14, 2015

Edgewood Tavern & Ocean View Store???

Calling all historical buffs and old timers on Palomar!  We need your help!  Do you know where the Edgewood Tavern and Ocean View Store were many decades ago?

We had a very profitable day at the County offices Thursday working on the Palomar Easement Project (PEP).  We now have some newly uncovered road descriptions that reference these two places of business.  It would be very helpful to have them confirmed.

Throwing in my guess, the Ocean View Store might have been where the FD is now?  There was a place of business to the left of the Lodge.  Was that the Tavern?   I’ve been told the flat roofed cabin on Crestline, just past Road 15, was a sandwich shop… who knows for sure?

That was Mike Pique with me at the county offices Thursday.  He just happens to have just about every map known for Palomar in his little iPad.  We’re betting that you subscribers will have this important piece of the puzzle as we work together on this project.

Please comment below.  All help is appreciated!  Thank you!


  1. I would like to know more about the Edgewood tavern because I found this 100 year old Auto club of so cal diamond sign from that tavern

    • Hello Chris,
      Thank you for your response about the Edgewood Tavern. Please see comments for this post. I have had other old times mention a tavern there in that location but have nothing more than posted here. If you are interested in selling the sign, there is a vacation rental up here with the same name.

  2. The Ocean View Store was located where the fire department is now. There is a photo of it at the fire station with a sign “Ocean View Store” clearly visible and a wood structure in the foreground that was the actual store. In the background is a car at a gas pump and a “Shell” gas sign also visible. The caption states that it was replaced in 1936. Apparently it burned around that time and the current house was constructed soon after. I was never sure why they called it the Ocean View Store since you couldn’t see the ocean until the Poomacha Fire burned through in 2007. Now you can clearly see the ocean from the fire department property.

    I had Shirley Thompson come down to the fire station a few years ago to meet with an archaeologist who was doing some work for the department. She indicated to us that when her family owned the property with the Bergman’s in the early ’50’s the remnants were still visible. She said the pumps were situated between the side of the house and the side of the existing fire station building. The store was located about where the front of the station is now.

    The archaeologist submitted a report for the department that has some good info. The old concrete steps from the store is still on the property, shoved up against some rocks under the oaks in front of the property. A buried concrete structure on the north side of the house in front of the cellar access appears to have been a possible oil changing/car repair pit. An extensive can dump with old bottles and ABC beer cans was excavated. Many relics were collected by the archaeologist and are now stored at the San Diego Archaeological Center on San Pasqual Valley Road.

  3. Bonnie, Many years ago (mid 50’s?) there was a small grocery store in the “house” next to where the FD building is now. It was run by Irene and Ralph Myers but wasn’t in business too long. Wog Bergman might be able to give more information about that. I don’t remember the “Ocean View” name however.
    Alicelynn Cockrill

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