Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 14, 2015

Ocean View Camp

ocean view store and camp Palomar Mountain ocean view pic

From: Peter Brueggeman

Ocean View Camp appears in a photo on age 91, and on the map in Catherine Wood’s 1937 Palomar history book and is mentioned briefly in a San Diego Union travel piece in 1939. There’s no other mentions of it in the San Diego Union or San Diego Tribune from that era. The dearth of newspaper mentions is noteworthy I think, … I bet it didn’t last too many years. I don’t know the Palomar fire history without research into it, but maybe it got burned out (?) I would peg Ocean View Camp as existing at minimum from before Wood’s book was published in 1937, and through 1939. The map is not specific as to its location but it seems right around the firestation there.

Ocean View Camp sold Shell gas and had a store and a campground. Any gas pumping remnants left around the fire station? A tank? The Ocean View Camp store had a peaked roof as you can see in the photo of it on page 91 of Wood’s book. I would guess the group camp there at the junction is what was the campground of the Ocean View Camp. I would guess the fire station is located where the store was. Just guessing.

I’ve long been curious about Ocean View Camp, so let me know if you develop some additional information.


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