Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 14, 2015

‘Sage of Palomar’ built the ‘Resort’

Thanks to all who responded to the request for info! about the Ocean View Store and Edgewood Tavern.   Thought many of you would like to see the old photos and links.  Have a great weekend!  Bonnie

Here is more about the Tavern/Lodge

From: Diana Serry

Edgewood Tavern AKA Skyline Lodge, Palomar Mountain Lodge + other names.

Click for UT story Sage of Palomar

“Soon after securing a water supply, community members raised funds to build a clubhouse. Tillinghast provided materials, labor and supervision for construction of the clubhouse, which Beckler’s book described as an evening gathering place for the community. Residents “walked from their cabins with lanterns which they placed about for light. They visited about the big fireplace, or they danced, and they sat out on the porch with its view of all the vast country and cities below.”

Starting in the 1940s, the clubhouse came under a succession of private owners who expanded the building to develop it as a resort, first as the Edgewood Tavern, then the Skyline Lodge, and finally the Palomar Mountain Lodge.”

Click to see Brad Bailey’s book Images of America Palomar Mountain, page 123

Click to read the complete book, ‘Palomar Mountain Past & Present’


  1. How interesting. I loved reading about the early days & the way things developed in Palomar. Especially loved all the great pictures! I suppose someday people will be looking at our pictures the same way & saying wow look at these pictures, that was a long time ago! 😊

    Bonnie, I had previously asked you about possible holiday rentals for my family & friends. Please send me a list of any rentals with details you may have. Thanks so much! Warmly, Sonja

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