Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 14, 2015

What properties can get loans?

map for loans

Until just recently most of Palomar was shown on title records as “landlocked, with physical access only”.  With the combined work of many over the last decade or so, research has uncovered and the County offices have confirmed most of our little dirt roads as “public roads, privately maintained”.  Most important for the land owners is that my title company, is able to add the information to your title report and plot the roads on paper, from Crestline to your cabin.

This has added so much value to your property in these areas.  If your property is between the purple brackets (from the County Park to the Lodge), or the area in orange brackets behind the Lodge, or if you access your property through those areas (Doctor’s Pond or others), we should be able to now secure a loan for your property and/or you should be able to re-finance if you would like to pull some equity out.

We are still working on other areas and I’ll keep you posted.  Double click on the photo above to enlarge.  The yellow road is Crestline.

Questions?  Thinking about selling?  This is a huge advantage for you!  Please email me and I’m glad to get them answered for you.

Bobby Askari – Loans for Palomar

History in the making!  Thanks to all who have contributed!

Bonnie Phelps

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