Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | November 24, 2015

Cougers on Canfield

Curt Waite, Chairman FFLA sent this our way,  Lotsa perks being a volunteer at a fire lookout!

From: Craig and Joyce Childs, High Point Lookout Hosts 11-22-15

Unremarkable, cool, clear, crisp day at high point. Several groups of visitors from bikes to jeeps to suvs including three older gentleman on BMW motorcycles with Alaska plates on an extended road trip. We gave them some info about anza-borrego. Later on two folks from the Observatory hiked up to observe setting sun, we passed them walking back on the way out. Also saw a doe with two fawns running across road and a two point buck before Cal tech houses. The highlight of our day was in the morning at about 7:10 on Canfield Rd right before the campgrounds. A mama cougar with two cubs bolted across the road right in front of us! They ran from our right up the hill. The second cub we actually cut off from the group and was running next to our car for a moment and then darted back into the forest in the direction they came from. Unmistakable long tails with black tips. The cubs were like the size of medium to large dogs and very fast. In all our time hiking, camping and living here in Pauma Valley, we have seen tracks but NEVER cougars in the wild before. Now I want to see a UFO when we OVN at High Point….

Craig and Joyce


  1. Bonnie, The cat hangs out sometimes over on South Grade at our properties. Glen caught a picture of one of the cubs about three months ago, sunning in the middle of one of the roads in. I always think about the fact she is not having the cubs on her own…. Big Papa is around somewhere.



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