Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 6, 2015

Great Wall of Flame

wall of flame

Would you like to get a LOT more heat from your fireplace?  We were so impressed when visiting friends recently, sitting in front of their new vertical grate.

It is so much warmer with more of the flame and coals facing the room and the logs ‘self-feed’ into the fire.  So much more heat from the same amount of wood.  Click for the link.  Thinking we’ll be seeing some of these ’round the mountain!

This company also includes a video on how to build a fire.  However, there is a much easier way.  We use the Seymore Fire Blox you can get at The General Store.  No kindling, no paper.

With nice dry firewood (we prefer seasoned oak), use one fire starter, one match and you are all set for a warm fire…. and maybe s’mores!

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