Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 15, 2015

28 Degrees at Couple Berry Farms


28 degrees in Vista and on Palomar!

Driving up the mountain last night, Don made the comment that it was 28 degrees when we left yesterday morning at 10:30 and 28 when we got back up at 5:30.

Butch and Denise Johnson sold their home on Palomar a few years ago.  They decided to move back to their roots, at their family farm where Butch was raised.  When Butch went out to tend the crops this morning, he saw that it was the same temperature in Vista as I mentioned in a Facebook post last night. So, he sent me this photo.

Why did Burch and Denise move back to Vista?  Well, the grandkids live there on the farm, too!  When one of them reached up for Grandpa’s hand and said, “let’s take the tractor out an pick a couple berries, Grandpa”.   That did it.  They knew what to name the farm stand and knew they needed to be there for picking times with those grandkids.

Like some great organic produce grown with love?  It is worth it to go out of your way to Couple Berry Farms.

Click for a peek of their heart they’ve opened to all, where you can still get kisses for 5 cents.

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