Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 20, 2015

Go after those Moles!

mole cropped

Go after moles??

You might be thinking of the moles that have been very happy down in our orchards or around gardens.  Yes, but there are others that can be very pesky and get out of control.

There was a little mole hanging out on my leg all my life.  About 8 years ago it became more interesting.  Someone suggested I try ‘Black Salve’.  (Don’t do that!!!)  All of a sudden the mole reappeared last spring, so I used it again. (Noooo!!!) Then a couple months ago that pesky mole popped up again!  I was seeing all these other doctors about my froggy voice but I knew I should finally add in a dermatologist.  He had a fit.

He did a biopsy then scheduled a ‘procedure’ to go after that mole, but called me a few days later.  Because it was so close to my knee and could open back up easily, he recommended a plastic surgeon.

21 stitches later, I was told to “keep my leg elevated, no stairs and walk only a few minutes a day – for TWO WEEKS!”

The dermatologist’s wife happens to be a speech therapist. So, he had something to say about my froggy voice, too;  “Stop talking!”.

Stop talking and stop walking… hummmmm.  You know, it has worked real well!  My voice is almost back (much to Don’s dismay) and the first week is behind me for this elevated leg and all is well.

I am really blessed.  Many others are dealing with so much more.  Well, I decided to use this Mountain News to perhaps nudge some of you subscribers to check on those moles!  No matter how cute they are, no matter what they tell you, go after those moles!

frog c.jpg Bonnie-with-no-snow-today

PS Like a great dermatologist?  Dr. Francis Barber and my plastic surgeon in Escondido, Dr. Kadesky is wonderful, too.





  1. So glad to hear things are coming along well, frustrating as the ‘limitations’ might feel at times, Bonnie.

    A side blessing? We get to read more of your well-written words, it seems . . . good stuff!

    Wishing you a strong recovery and wonderful Christmas, ツ

    ~ Sheila

  2. Glad you are doing better!  Now, keep leg up and try not to talk!!!!!! Hugs to you both, Anita

  3. gonna be Silent night this year.  hope leg heals ok and you get your  voice  back. other than that you and cowboy have a blessed Christmas. 

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

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