Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 25, 2015

Christmas Carrots in the Snow

We roused those horses early for their Christmas carrots. A little bit of hail arrived and we are pretending it’s snow for our White Christmas on Palomar Mountain 2015.

Since Tuesday, our gauge measures about 6 and a half inches of rain.  One inch of rain can make a foot of snow. We could have had quite a bit of extra fun up here if the temps had dropped. Love to have you pop by. The sledding would be pretty muddy but we have lots of goodies, in addition to a big bag of carrots, waiting for you!

Keep on enjoying your Christmas Celebration!

Bonnie and Don


  1. No lie but our gauge overflowed at 7 inches. Phenomenal.

    • Wow Bert! Our gauge was clogged with frozen hail. Pretty great moisture for this little mountain. 🙂

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