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Saving the Oak Trees from GSOB


You’ve probably noticed quite a few dead trees, especially on the roads up to Palomar.  Appointments are available for an evaluation for your oaks.  We booked ours for tomorrow.  Here is the info to hopefully save your trees:

FROM: Ann Russ, Cuca Ranch

Oak Tree Hope

If you’ve done lots of web searches and attended UCR/USFS sessions on beetles and oaks, you have probably heard people responsible for whole city, county, and/or national parks saying the cost of annual treating of oaks and other specimen trees for the invasive beetles is prohibitive.

And both LA Times and Union Tribune write, without context, that “there’s nothing to be done”.

What those pros were thinking about was every tree in their whole park or forest, which would be prohibitive.

There are things that can be done to protect some tree on each property from the invasive pests for which our trees have no defenses. Research has been done, and some arborists are doing service based on various research studies.

Many of us would prefer a surface application that could be done rather than a systemic application (that the tree takes into all of its tissues, thus being poisonous to bees and other pollinators).

Thankfully, that is possible.

Actual rough numbers include that huge specimen trees can be protected for a couple hundred each, large ones for $100, what are definitely specimen trees for $50, and small ones for as little as $35, per year.

To keep some oaks alive in all areas, landowners could probably actually afford to treat one or more trees annually, especially if not yet infected! Thank goodness!

There are different protocols for trees never attacked and trees that show evidence of having been attacked.

While finding that the newest UCR research is found under a laboratory rather than under the general topic, I also discovered the Arborist/Pest Management company that the Del Dios Hwy neighborhood picked in past for their specimen oak protection, and Del Dios still using this company. Bates Nut farm also uses them.

Aguilar Plant Care, Ricardo Aguilar, President, has 2 ISA certified arborists (and their senior tree tech working on his arborist certification) and 6 QAL certified applicators.

Mr. Aguilar could do multiple 30-minute free evaluations/estimates for landowners up here in the mornings time (8-12) on one of these days: 27 (Tues), 28 (Wed), or 29 (Thurs).

Please let me know what morning(s) would work for you, plus your address, plus actual landmark directions to your place so time is used effectively. (Optionally, would be useful if you had a rough idea how many trees you want evaluated/estimated.)

By timing this together we can each get best price, and Aguilar Plant Care can protect the most trees.

After he makes up a route, he or I will let you know when on that chosen day to expect him.

For each person who takes advantage of the opportunity, there will be at least one more oak (or sycamore or other tree) of some size that survives in our historical woodlands.

Please let your friends in other areas know that this is, indeed, possible. All woodlands do not all have wind up like the road to Santa Ysabel and so much of Julian.

Please note: In drought years, we may have to water, along the drip line, the trees we spray. Water makes trees stronger to defend themselves.

Book your time for 30 minute estimate by Aguilar Plant Care:

March 27, 28, 29

Please email your address/directions and contact info to  or contact Ricardo Aguilar 760-705-5571 or visit their website:

Best to you,

Ann Russ



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All Weather is Good Weather on Palomar


Our last storm promising up to six inches of rain only gave us about 3/4 on Palomar.  It was fun to get a message from J. Harry Jones asking what folks were doing to prepare for the storm.  He stopped by here and made the rounds on the mountain.

Click for his article.

All weather IS good weather on Palomar!

Bonnie Phelps


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 22, 2018

Have you seen Emmy?


Our Emmy slipped out last night about 8:30.  We have looked and looked for our much-loved dog.  She is a charming little mutt with a cocker spaniel mix, about 14 years old and weighs about 14 pounds.  No collar.  We live right as you get to the top of Crestline so hoping she is close by.

Please call Courtney with any info 760 742-3555

Thank you so much.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 21, 2018

Easter Fun on Thursday

easter egg at conf ctr

Mountain kids and families are invited to the camp for lunch, egg decorating, egg hunt and jelly bean guessing contest.

Hosted by the Palomar Christian Conference Center at no charge – free event!

Thursday, March 29 at noon.

Directions:  From the Summit, take State Park Road, past the State Park Kiosk.  Be sure you observe 15 MPH and realize the that narrow road is a two-way road through the park.  Turn right and the next intersection and follow the road to the ‘Y’, follow the sign to turn to your left. When you come to the parking area, park and walk straight down to the office.  The dining room is the big building on your left.  Allow 15 minutes from the summit to get to the camp.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 19, 2018

Calling all Artists!


Kids Club Art Show on Tuesday!

Bring your favorite works of art that you have created to display. Drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, mosaics, quilts, sewn items — they’re all art and all welcome to display! Hands-on art activities will also be available for all ages to get creative with! (Paint will be involved, so a smock / big old t-shirt to throw on is recommended!)

If they would like to display in our art contest as well, please let us know upon arrival. Thanks to Jean Secola, a mountain artist, who will be our judge.

There will be three categories for prizes:

Double-digits (10 and up)

Single digit (9 and younger).

Only first place for each will be awarded, decided by judges. Then all of the work would be eligible for the kids’ choice award, which the kids vote on.

Moms, dads, grandmas, uncles and aunties may all display art as well.

Art activities:

Melanie will be doing a marble art painting activity, Jessica will do a quick 3-d drawing lesson, Marie will show kids some tips for using watercolors, and Caitlin wants to lead a splatter painting activity. Stacy will also have some finger paints for the littles, and Seth will teach some origami.

9:15 – Bring your art to the Outreach Center at the Observatory (Formerly the Palomar School). Go to the end of Canfield Road, just past the Forest Service, last driveway on the left before you get to the Observatory.

Storytime for the littles will be from 9:30-10. Art show starts immediately after.

Everyone is invited to bring snacks to share.  No nuts, please.

We are looking good!! Hope you can all join in the fun!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 18, 2018

Easter Egg Hunt


Everyone is invited to the second annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Tuesday, March 27 at 11:00 am sharp.  You might want to arrive a little earlier to be in time for the hunt.

Sponsored by the Community Center, the eggs will all have stickers inside.

Click for the EGG HUNT FLYER

Remember to bring your basket!

Location:  Palomar County Park

21820 Crestline Rd.   Go up Crestline and it is on the left at Road Marker 4.


For more information, contact us at

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 13, 2018

Weather on the Way


Keep your umbrellas and warm jackets handy over the next week or so.  We’re promised rain and snow each day through Sunday so far.

Just a nudge to make sure you are winterized.  I heard of quite a few broken pipes during our last snow.

Great time for touring the available listings up here and enjoying this mild winter weather!

Bonnie Phelps


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 5, 2018

Kids Club March Fun!

March is a busy month for Palomar Mountain Kids Club! We have children aged infant to teen joining us every week, and have activities appropriate for all ages! Upcoming events:

3/6: Dress-up / Cosplay Day! Wear your favorite costumes: princess, pirate, knight, video game characters, super hero outfits, etc. Bring your septers, light sabers, tea party sets, swords, etc and come play! Melanie’s house, 9a-12p.

3/13: Observatory Tour!  Check out the new displays at the Museum, and then join us for a kid-friendly tour of the 200″ Hale Telescope. Play afterwards in the Gus Weber picnic area by the parking lot.

3/20: Storytime! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, and wiggle around as Storytime Stacy reads stories and leads the little ones in songs and dance. 9:30-10 at the Observatory Outreach Center.

3/20: Art Show! Bring your favorite works of art that you have created to display. Drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, mosaics, quilts, sewn items — they’re all art and all welcome to display! Hands-on art activities will also be available for all ages to get creative with! (Paint will be involved, so a smock / big old t-shirt to throw on is recommended!) Immediately following storytime (10am) at the Observatory Outreach Center.

3/27: CCPM’s Egg Hunt! The Community Center of Palomar Mountain is sponsoring an Egg Hunt! 11am at the County Park on Crestline. Yay!!

For more information about Kids Club, or any of our March events, please contact Stacy at 0214 or at The Palomar Mountain Kids Club meets every Tuesday at various locations around the mountain. All mountain kids are invited to join us. Hope to see you soon!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 3, 2018

34 Acres Upper Meadow For Sale!

Wish you could have been with me yesterday.  Had such a fun drive on our 4WD Polaris, through this beautiful land.  Some areas still had quite a bit of snow on the ground… so enchanting. The largest boulders I’ve seen on Palomar are at the heart of the property, surrounded by some intriguing ‘hobbit trees’.  We go to the very end of Upper Meadow Road to access the property.  It is surrounded by larger parcels on three sides so it gives the feeling of even more land.

Underground utilities are to the property corner. No easements run through the land.  It’s all yours!  We have an unpainted canvas waiting for you with two albums and more details here… maps coming soon.

Would you like to be my next passenger? Come on up… let’s take off on an adventure!

Bonnie Phelps



Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 2, 2018

‘Level 8 Glen’ made the News



Glen Heggsted, the Palomar landowner who defended himself, his property, his neighbor’s property and caught that crook, was featured on the NBC evening news.

He really is making it clear that bad things could happen to bad guys that want to mess with Palomar.

J Harry Jones, reporter for the SD Union Tribune also published an article that mentions the Sheriffs Department.  Apparently they tied this thief with three or four other burglaries.

Good work all.

Thank you Glen.  So glad you are ok and your message is really getting out there!

Bonnie Phelps

Editor, Palomar Mountain News since 1998


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